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fox 5 is monitoring metro. >> several big issues on tap from rider feed backs to broken escalators. we will take a look at what could come out of the talks. a jury found her not guilty in the murder of her 2-year-old
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daughter. she returns to court today to learn what time she will serve on other charges in the case. fox 5 news continues. straight up 6:00. nice looking shot. gives you hope that this day, thursday, july 7th will be a great one. good morning, thanks for waking up with fox 5 morning news. steve is off. >> i'm here. wisdom martin is here. i was told this is friday eve. >> oh, yeah, it is. >> we are closer to the weekend. >> it is. >> tucker told me i mentioned the weekend like six or seven times already. >> now we will stick to the news and talk to tucker in a minute. police are investigating a crash that sent a car flying into a diner in wheaton, maryland. it happened last night. police say the car was traveling southbound on georgia avenue at university boulevard west when the driver lost control and landed in samantha's diner and bakery.
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no word on the injuries. >> looks serious. >> it's a minute after the hour. >> good morning. >> how are you doing. >> all right. >> our forecast today, more of the same. hazy, hot and humid. could be a scattered thunderstorm. >> we are in that mode. >> that's what we are. let's take a look at the satellite. i don't have much to show you. yesterday we had the showers and thunderstorms develop early morning. today we don't have that. i think we will see more sunshine for the first half of the day. later today, a weak cold front. i can't show it to you on the map. near wheeling, west virginia, we have developing showers. that is the leading edge of the cooler and drier air. not cooler and drier but as the front gets closer to the region, it should kick off the possibility of wildly scattered showers and thunderstorms in this humid summery air mass. 74 at reagan national. winds out of the south and west at 5. your forecast today is a
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good one, if you like summertime weather. 93 the daytime high. scattered thunderstorm after 3:00, 4:00 today. >> we will be on the lookout for that. thank you. time to check in with what is happening on the roads. >> good morning. allison, you will appreciate this as well. i got a hit off of twitter. one of the ladies said, nothing like i candy on fox 5 morning news with wisdom, tucker and tony on the desk. >> so she is mad i'm busting up the man show. >> allison has her special group of friends. >> somebody else hit me up and said allison is the only reason i watch the show. >> i feel better now. >> i went from intern to getting tony coffee and doughnuts to the messenger. >> what is going on out there. >> on the roads, northbound i 35 not bad leaving the prince william parkway, lanes are open. it's eastbound 66, not here in
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may nan says but in marshal. a crash has traffic squeezing to the right. once you get past the scene the pace improves. we have another accident that is under investigation. this is in prince george county, 202 at firehouse road. westbound lane is shut down west of 704. eastbound to the capital beltway, your lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. big story we are following this morning, talks at the white house on raising the debt ceiling. president obama invited top leaders for negotiations today. we may see some progress. top republicans are hinting at allowing some tax trade office. "the washington post" is reporting that the white house may agree to cuts in social security. during his twitter town hall yesterday, the president wants to roll back part of pp's tax breaks -- part of president bush's tax breaks. >> if all we do is go back to
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the prebush tax cut rates for the top income brackets for millionaires and billionaires, that would raise hundreds of billions of dollars. if you combine it with the cuts that we have already proposed, we could solve our deficit and our debt problems. >> vice president joe biden will attend this morning's talks. we are monitoring metro this morning. system officials have a long list of things to discuss at a meeting later this morning. on the agenda, rider feedback on rail cars and how stations on the new lines to dulles will be named. the dulles debate continues to make headlines with the "washington post" reporting that metro may be asked to buy fewer new rail cars as a way to save money on the soaring price tag for the project. also on tap, recent reports showing that bus and rail
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reliability is getting worse and that problems with broken escalators continue to grow. >> reporter: now for a look at the morning's top stories, we are waiting to see how long or if at all casey anthony will go to prison. she is due to be sentenced for lying to police. her lawyers want her released arguing she has served three years while she was on trial. lawyers and prosecutors in the roger clemens perjury trial continue selection today. he is accused of lying under oath to congress about taking steroids and is not on trial for actually taking the banned substance. big names in baseball could be called to testify. prosecutors and defense lawyers are talking about bringing in jose canseco and commissioner bud selig. the trial is expected to last into august. a "new york times" reporter could be forced to reveal the source of his book state of war. a judge will take up the issue.
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prosecutors believe that he received information in the book from a former cia officer, jeffrey sterling. he is accused of leaking classified details in an attempt to sabotage iran's nuclear program. he has been called to testify but he says the first amendment protects him from disclosing his sources. a major public school system facing allegations of widespread cheating. more fallout from the oil spill in the yellowstone river. 
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a not guilty plea from the driver of the deadly bus crash on i-95 in may. kin yiu cheung is charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter. he admitted that he fell asleep at the wheel when the bus
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swerved off the interstate 30 miles north of richmond. a trial date is set for september 12th. exxon mobile is accused of lying for how long it took them to close off an oil pipe. it took almost an hour to turn off the flow. the company told the public it took half the time. residents near the spill are worried about health risks and damage the crude might be calling. a classroom cheating scandal rocked the city of atlanta. schools officials are trying to figure out how many teachers and principals involved are still on the job. of the schools investigated, 80% cheated on standardized tests. investigation reveals educators held changing parties to correct answers. criminal charges are likely in many of the cases. coming up next, nasa's final shuttle mission is set for lift off tomorrow but rain may change the plans. rain could change your plans tomorrow as well. 
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"atlantis" is supposed to launch on the final shuttle mission tomorrow but mother nature might want to stretch that goodbye out a bit. there is a 70% chance that it will rain. the historic lift off will end 30 years of the shuttle program. it could be postponed until the weekend. now, check this out. incredible dust storm was first. that blew through phoenix first, in arizona. this is a video of the ferocious sandstorm. the storm reached more than 8,000 feet at one point.
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look at that. ridiculous. the storm grounded flights and left thousands without power. look at that. then they had lightning today. >> electrical storm. >> that looks like a bad scene out of ben hur. >> you are right. >> i don't need to easy that at all. >> that is amazing. it goes to show you how powerful mother nature is. you have no control over anything. >> right. >> hunker down and go with it. >> makes you feel better. >> we have control over our forecast. we know what will happen. >> nothing like that. >> i can guarantee we will not have that today. >> what about a lightning storm. >> i can't rule that out. maybe a soaking rain tomorrow that is part of a system that is associated with the rain forecast in florida, too. so, tomorrow will be a wet one, cloudy and wet. >> on a friday.
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>> i know. wait until you see the weekend forecast. most of us will love it. here is your current temperature. 74 at reagan national. 74 in annapolis. another morning where we are not cooling off a lot. 160 on the map. 6 in martinsberg. 73 culpeper. big difference from yesterday. we had the showers develop off to the south and west but they are not there today. with the cooling overnight. we have fog developing. that will be the worst of it. we should be in for a bright and sunny start to the day and summery. it will feel like july later. today we will be back in the 90s with the early sunshine. later this afternoon, it's not impressive at all. i can barely show it to you. to the north and west we have a cold front. one or two showers. that should get enhanced as it
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pushes toward the area later this afternoon. it could spark off wildly scattered thunderstorms. be ready for the possibility of thunderstorms later today. futurecast, again we will put it in motion. there we are at 5:00. you can see wildly scattered thunderstorms developing. that will move through. tomorrow with the frontal system across the washington area and a developing area of low pressure off to the south and east. look at that. futurecast suggesting we will have on again off again rain showers throughout the area. tomorrow looks to be a wet one. we will get it out of here in time for the weekend. we will salvage saturday and sunday. partly sun skies. there are the winds out of the west five to 10. hot temperature, 93. we have done this over and over this week. 74 the overnight low. warm overnight, early morning thunderstorm. there is the forecast. tomorrow showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast. likely to be a wet one. we could pick up an inch or two of rain over the area.
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then the weekend, sunshine, the 4 by monday. the heat will be back. that's weather. julie wright has the latest. >> according to sky fox, a little too foggy for them to fly. that is what they are dealing w. they are grounded until further notice. accident activity in prince george county, westbound lanes 202 are closed at firehouse road. west of 704 lanes are blocked. there is an ongoing investigation of a fatal crash that occurred earlier this morning. no problems to report on the beltway leaving landover out to andrews. northbound 5 looks good out of waldorf. outer loop of the beltway slow at university boulevard. no incidents reported around to 270. you will find the crash eastbound on 66 as you work your way in to marshal has been cleared to the shoulder. all the lanes are open. traffic slows after business 234 eastbound to centreville. one more stretch of brake
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lights to east 123. the search continues this morning for a man that attacked a speed camera contractor's vehicle on 275 forcing a stretch near bw airport to shut down. a suspect armed with a hammer tapped on the rear window of the vehicle then walked to the front and started smashing the windshield. the worker inside said the suspect was yelling incoherently before he disappeared into the woods. business beat is up next. why using your debit card could net you good deals. as we take you to break, a contract dispute kept competitive hot dog eater kobayashi. 
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using your debit card could net your good deals. first, let's take a look at the market. we have the business beat. good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, wisdom. >> so, yesterday, up and down stocks. they ended in the green and ending in green is a good idea, right? >> reporter: yeah, i think you are the lucky charm on wall street. >> i like the way that sounds. so they ended in the green and they are waiting on this major job report to come out? >> reporter: exactly. we are in the green this morning in the futures market. dow futures up by 30 points. two reports that will give us
6:25 am
hints about what the big government report for the month of june will look look like tomorrow. we get pry have the numbers and weekly jobless claims hoping for the numbers to be good to give us confidence that tomorrow's big number will be good as well. there you go, dow up 56. nasdaq up 8 and the s&p higher by a point. >> let's talk about the new thing that i have been reading about, merchant funded rewards. that sounds in theory like a good idea? >> reporter: yeah. it could be. this is basically what it is. three out of four transactions happen with debit cards, right, flawn cash transactions. so, if you opened into this service what would happen is your information would be sold to the banks and the enter med area kind of companies then they target the things that you like to do. wisdom, i got into your debit card account and i saw the bar
6:26 am
transaction, you went to the game, played golf. >> i bought some shoes. >> reporter: and a basketball. so then i saw that those local retailers decided to give you a dollar off of this or 10% coupon on that. it comes to your phone as a text message or on your debit card account. when you make a purchase using one of those deals the bank gets paid and the intermediary. this market is expected to be 3 1/2 million dollars in a few years. >> maybe we will keep the good streak going and we can bring up the numbers in the stock market tomorrow. always good to see you. thank you very much, lauren. >> reporter: see you later. >> coming up next, president obama extends an invitation to the white house. 
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back now on fox 5 morning news. a car went airborne crashing into samantha's diner and bakery in wheaton. not clear why the driver left the road or whether that driver was hurt. quite a scene, though. quite a scene. >> tucker is up here to tell us about the hot day. >> another hot and humid one with highs in the low 40s. yesterday we didn't get there. felt steamy and summery. >> the early morning rain we
6:31 am
had. >> today we will be off and running. we have a little fog out there. let's get a look at the hd radar and see if we have anything to show you. we have a frontal system off to the north and west. the thinking is that that front will get close enough that it will spark off a few showers and thunderstorms. i don't think that they will be terribly numerous but with the frontal system getting closerlo atmosphere we have the possibility of more scattered showers and thunderstorms later today. 74 rat reagan national. 72 fredricksburg. 75 in ocean city. forecast today, partly sunny skies. morning sunshine after we burn off the fog. scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms return. 93 the daytime high. it will be a hot one. >> i was going to ask you about the fog. it should be out soon. >> just let the sun do its
6:32 am
work. >> let's go to julie wright and the roads. >> we are busy dealing with an accident that occurred shortly after 5:00, a fatal incident unfortunately that is on the westbound side of 202 at firehouse road west of 704. you will find that the westbound lanes are closed at this time. eastbound everything is open. it is a fatal crash. no problems reported on the beltway between andrews, landover and college park. to the west, a crash eastbound 66 toward marshal, that has been cleared to the shoulder. expect delays. business 234 to centreville, the lanes are open. no problems eastbound to the capital parkway. the outer loop slowing at university parkway. the inner loop into the sun where they are doing the paving, the roadway is more narrow so we have the delays there. that is a check of the fox 5 on-
6:33 am
time traffic. >> thank you. we are monitoring metro for you here at fox 5. this morning several metro committees are meeting to discuss big changes. >> they are making decisions on new ideas for a new rail cars and station names. for more on the changes, we turn to sarah simmons live at foggy bottom. >> good morning. a lot of changes and proposals will be on the table this morning. several committees will be meeting starting at 9:00 at metro headquarters to talk about some of these. we want to run down the list of what they are looking at including metro is getting feedback from riders, focus groups that they have been looking into on the design of the rail cars. they are getting feedback from folks about that. the first ones are set to arrive next year for the silver line to dulles airport. "the washington post" is reporting that the airport authority is asking them to order fewer rail cars in order to save money.
6:34 am
so -- for the dulles line. so, that is something that they are looking into. at long with this, there is the naming rights of several of the different metro stops on the line. there was talk of selling the rights initially but they are looking at banning that from becoming a possibility. that is another topic that they will be discussing. also, they will be looking at this report that came out in may about reliability for bus and rail. the on time performance is getting worse due to traffic congestion and detours. so, that is something that they will address. also, escalators and elevators. we know that riders had many complaints about this. they are talking about a plan to increase on time preventative maintenance. they have seen a large increase in maintenance and service calls. so, they will be addressing that. that is something that they will be looking into. this will be starting at 9:00 this morning. a lot they have to get to. sounds like a long day for those folks at metro.
6:35 am
that's the latest at foggy bottom. >> thank you, sarah. a big story we are following, negotiations on the debt ceiling. president obama will sit down with republicans and democratic leaders at the white house. there may be compromises made. republican leaders say they are opening to closing tax loopholes. the obama administration may agree to social security cuts. during the twitter town hall meeting yesterday, the president wanted to roll back part of pp's tax breaks. >> if all we do is just go back to the prebush tax cut rates for the top income brackets for millionaires and billionaires, that would raise hundreds of billions of dollars. if you combine it with the cuts that we have proposed, we could solve our deficit and our debt problems. >> this morning's negotiations at the white house are set to begin at 11:00. later this morning, the florida mother who was found
6:36 am
not guilty of killing her two- year old daughter will find out how old she will spend in prison for lying to police. she could be set free after spending three years behind bars. casey anthony's sentencing is set for three hours from now. we will carry it live on fox 5 morning news. prince william county mother is facing murder charges for leaving her child in a hot car. police say karen murphy left her 2-year-old son strapped in a car seat the entire day while she was at work and she made the same mistake in january. she didn't realize what happened until the day care called and asked if her son was showing up. >> the law provides for punishment in such cases. as a result, i presented indictments to the grand jury and they indicted one count of felony murder and two counts of child abuse and neglect. >> we will do everything we can to keep this family together and keep the prosecutor and the
6:37 am
legal system from tearing this family apart because of what was obviously a very tragic accident. >> some neighbors are shocked describing murphy as a pillar in her community. a virginia pry school employee is ac -- preschool employee is accused of sexually assaulting a student in leesburg. the school released a statement saying the well-being and safety of our students is the top priority. we are shocked about the charge against brad minor who has been terminated from our employment. d.c.'s whitman walker clinic faces a lawsuit from a man that was wrongfully told he was hiv positive. he lived with it for five years before learning it was a mistake. >> overthat time the man says his life completely unraveled. roz plater has the story. >> reporter: terry hedgepeth's
6:38 am
nightmare began in 2,000 when he discovered his girlfriend was hiv positive. he went to the whitman walker clinic to be tested and the clinic doctor told him that he was hiv positive. >> i was a total wreck. i was in a bad shape mentally. from there they sent me over to george washington university hospital. i spent time there in the psych ward. >> reporter: he was in and out of psych wards the next five years. every few months he would go back to the clinic for testing and would be told that he didn't need medications because his viral load was low. >> i walked to the hospital in the hope that the sniper would shot me. it sounds silly but that was
6:39 am
what i was happening for the at the time. i was in that bad of shape. >> he lost his job as a caterer and lost his home. he had sex with a woman that was hiv positive. >> i did that because i thought who else would want me. >> reporter: it it was discovered that he was actually hiv negatives, results confirmed by a third round of testing at john hopkins. hedgepeth and his lawyer filed a lawsuit. it was thrown out because the law says you can only sue if you are in physical danger but last week it was ex panned to -- expanded. >> if you place your trust in a person with a particular expertise there should be redress. >> i don't want it to happen to anyone else. >> reporter: a lawyer said in a
6:40 am
statement, quote, the court of appeals issued an opinion that in over 60 pages discusses why it decided to change the law. the opinion demands committed attention and thoughtful analysis. we are studying the opinion and its implications. once we have completed this study, we will decide what our next steps may be regarding this pending legal matter. roz plater, fox 5 news. >> the case will likely go to trial this fall. next kind of an all you can eat deal for verizon subscribers. >> more on big changes to verizon's unlimited data plan and who will feel the effects of the change. what makes the sleep number store different?
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>> tucker barnes is back in the house. >> i feel like it is my house.
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>> heat measer. >> one of my favorite characters. >> wisdom doesn't know who we are talking about. >> wasn't that a character on- - >> christmas. >> isn't there a weather miser. >> heat miser had the friendly hair. >> that is you. >> rain chances increase today. i think we have a better chance of rain than yesterday. we have tropical moisture coming through. tomorrow looks to be fairly wet at times. more widespread rain tomorrow. 73 degrees at reagan national. another morning where we are not getting out of the 70s. 74 annapolis. 72 fredricksburg.
6:45 am
69 the cool spot in martinsburg. satellite and radar, i don't have a lot to show you. we should be in for a nice one, at least the start of the day. i think we will have more sun. widespread fog where temperatures have cooled to the dew points. fog to start the day. then we should be in for decent sunshine to start the day. see the blips here, that is our cold front that is desperately trying to get in here. it's a weak one. it starts moving to the area later this afternoon and tonight, we have the possibility of wildly scattered showers and thunderstorms. plan accordingly. i don't think everybody will get wet but we have the possibility. tomorrow as the front hangs out, all indications are that we will be in for a wet one with clouds around tomorrow. changes in the forecast for friday. today winds out of the west 5 to 10 miles per hour. later tonight, this is a familiar forecast, 74 overnight
6:46 am
low with an early shower or thunderstorm. wet one tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms in the forecast with highs in the middle 80s then if you want dry heat this weekend, this -- i think the weekend will be nice. the humidity will be down a bit. it will be warm. then monday hot with 94. >> no rain. >> a lot of rain tomorrow. it's time for -- >> ask the weather guy. >> you guys are good at guessing. >> i'm so happy that i am here right now. >> not as happy as i am. >> that is nice. >> it's time for ask the weather guys. tony perkins and i put our large heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather related or otherwise. i am handling the business today. i will do my best with a weather question. this is a good one. what i like to do is get
6:47 am
involved in family disputes. this comes from miss see robinson who wants us to settle an ongoing dispute between her and her husband. >> be careful. >> i'm a little nervous. miss see writes i say the sound of thunder is from the lightning hitting the ground. he said it's from the cold air hitting hot air. so, which one of us is right? >> i tend to go with mr. robinson. i wouldn't think it was miss see's explanation. >> you know what, i'm going to stay away from the question altogether. >> that's fine. >> i will try. miss see, here is the deal. you are bought right in some ways but you are both wrong in other ways. >> all right. >> the true answer is not either of your ideas here. what happens is -- let me first say the parts you got right. you say it's from thunder -- lightning hitting the ground. not from lightning hitting the ground but the lightning itself
6:48 am
that causes the thunder. your husband has it kind of right, the cold air hitting the hot air causes the thunderstorm activity in the first place. in an indirect way he is right as well. here is what happens. i love the science to it. i won't get too technical because we don't have a lot of time. but what happens when you see a bolt of lightning, it creates a channel in the atmosphere. that channel, that lightning bolt can heat up the atmosphere to about 50,000 degrees fahrenheit. that is incredibly hot. so, what happens is when that lightning causes the atmosphere to heat up that rapidly, the air in that channel, when the lightning disappears is compressed, super duper compressed. it's that process of that air becoming decompressed that causes the thunder. >> decompressed, not compressed. >> it's initially compressed by the lightning. but then it's the process of
6:49 am
the pressure becoming undone in the channel that causes the rumble of thunder. >> amazing. >> isn't that cool? >> i never would have imagined that. >> if i was going to side with someone, i would have sided with the person that said the lightning hits the ground. >> that's why it's not lightning then thunder. lots of fascinating stats. 15 million thunderstorms around planet earth every year. they can travel 140,000 miles a great question. i hope i helped answer your family dispute. high five each other and move along. >> no one is wrong. >> absolutely. >> all right. thank you for writing in. if you have a question you want answered, go to and
6:50 am
click on the weather tab. you can upload your video question as well. >> i know a viewer wrote in that i'm tired of the song and switch it up. i like it. >> we like to throw it in every once in a while. >> i wanted to just be here for that. that's what it was. thanks so much. >> all right. julie wright how are you doing this morning. >> allison, who is the lucky girl now. >> i know, right. >> i was thinking of tony is the music guy. what is it, anita wood, knock, knock, knock on wood. >> that is a good song. >> i'm not the producer behind the mix on one and two. there you go. tucker was talking about fog. we got it. i pulled up this camera. this is a live shot of traffic on 270 out of germantown working out to rockdale. we have fog that is keeping sky fox on the ground because of
6:51 am
poor visibility. traveling northbound i-95 in newington, lanes are open. it's below speed as you travel up to 335. 395 delays from duck to seminary road. new york sunshine is coming through the clouds. accident investigation remains on westbound 202 west of 704 at firehouse road. the roadway is blocked. eastbound lanes are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >> thank you. apparently unlimited has its limits, at least if you are a verizon wireless subscriber. starting today, new smartphone customers have caps on how much data they can consume. will we pay more for our phone and application addictions? money reporter melanie alnwick breaks it down. >> reporter: verizon joins at&t and t mobile in capping customer's data usage. verizon plans start at $30 a
6:52 am
month for two gigabytes. >> i read in the wall street journal this is the last day of the existing contract. >> reporter: verizon joins at&t in capping customer data usages. >> we think this could be harmful to consumers, especially as prices go up and consumers may not realize how much data they are using. >> reporter: consumer groups like consumer union worry that customers will end up with bill shock. >> we need carriers to have more transparency with respect to what they are offering and the different data limits mean. >> how much is two gigabytes? at&t that sells a two gig plan for $25 a month says that is equal to 10,000 text only e- mails and 1500 e-mails with attachments plus 4,000 web page views plus 500 photo up loads and 200 minutes of you tube
6:53 am
video. apps can purpose through your plan. according to ctia, the wireless association, data usage is exploding. >> 2 1/2 years ago the hottest selling handset was a flip phone. in 2 1/2 years we have gone from flip phones to smartphones and tablets. from more or less basically zero applications to over a million different applications. >> reporter: ctia says carriers are figuring out the best way to regulate traffic on the information super highway. >> there is more usage by the consumers and there is definitely not a lot of spectrum in the pipeline. that is an equation that concerns us. >> reporter: either way, it's up to customers to get smart about their smartphone data usage. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. >> now, some companies will alert customers when they get close to their data limits. there are several tools on your phones and online where customers can check their data usage. we posted some of those on our
6:54 am
web site, >> we will be visiting the web site. next hour, experience the culture of columbia. hear the history and rhythm and blues and what the peace corps is about all in one place. can you guess where that is? also holly morris live on the national mall this morning with a look at what is in store for the final weekend of this year's folk festival.
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good morning, everybody. if there is one festival you go to all year, it should be the smith sewnian folk festival. it draws about a million visitors every year, and is the
6:58 am
largest cultural celebration in the capital each year. this year we're going to start out in the peace corps area. it's sell operating its 50th anniversary and they are devoting a lot of activities to why the peace corps exists and the good work it does. the other area we're going to check out is columbia. the third and final area has to do with rhythm and blues music. this is the second week of the festival. lasts two weeks, so this is your last chance to enjoy the work they've done. they research a whole year, and this morning we're going to find out the best way to come out and take part in the rich culture. good morning. we want to say hello to our facebook fan of the day. she thinks she should be fan of the year. if you would like to be
6:59 am
tomorrow's fan of the day, find us on facebook and search for fox five. that's it for the 6:00 hour. good morning. good morning, wisdom, thank you very much. coming up on fox five morning news, two big stories happening this morning, president obama calls a critical meeting at the white house to help tackle the debt crisis. sentencing day for casey anthony. will the judge leave her? jail? new rail line, and possibly rail cars and more broken escalators. we'll take a closer look in a live report. incredible video that is new to us this morning. a car goes flying into a diner in montgomery county. we'll tell you where this happened and the fallout. fox five morning news starts right now. there's a
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